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WHO WE are

The first dipndip chocolate cafe was founded in 2009. Since then, we’ve spread our deliciousness to 18 countries worldwide and 146 locations! 
Treat yourself to high-quality European chocolate at dipndip. We offer a full range of deliciously rich chocolate cakes, brownies, waffles, crepes, and signature desserts you will only find at dipndip.
We use only the finest Belgian chocolates for our sweet treats. Our collection of amazing desserts will satisfy your craving for something sweet. We also offer a wide selection of hand-crafted drinks ranging from high-quality creative coffee to virgin mojitos.

How it all STarted

dipndip was created by two friends who had a love for chocolate and one goal… to make people smile! They wanted everyone to fall in love with chocolate as much as they did so they took the overwhelming success of one small kiosk and transformed it into a global brand that continues to accelerate its growth trajectory.

We want you to smile at every taste smell touch sight  of our decadent desserts

Our  Vision

To Make People Smile

Our  Mission

To Become The Number One Chocolate Cafe In The World


When you visit a dipndip store, it’s a true theatrical experience. We want you to smile at every touch point, from the taste, smell, touch, and sight of our decadent desserts. That is why we open our kitchen for you to watch our master chefs’ skills as they whip up chocolatey creations for you; we even have a signature way to pour our chocolate! drizzling it from a high height over our desserts to create drama and anticipation before you dip.

Share the Happiness

dipndip is all about sharing memorable experiences with friends and family. We’re excited to share our latest creation, the dip n share box of tasty desserts using premium Belgian chocolate. This box will make any occasion more memorable with eight delectable desserts and three Kinds of Belgian chocolates and speculoos spread. You can order our famous dip n share box to enjoy with your loved ones at home or send it as a sweet gift to someone special.

Meet Our Team

Emad Tinawi

Chief Executive Officer

Abd Alsattar Alhaffar

Chief Development Officer

Amer Alhaffar

Founder/Chief Operating Officer - Global

Janet Castonguay

Acting General Counsel

Tony Boustany

Chief Operating Officer

Nancy Kaminsky

Chief Financial Officer

Fadi Rbeiz

Chief Marketing Officer /Head of innovation

Alain Ghosn

Business Development Director

Elie Raad

Franchise Operations Director

Customers say dipndip is a " magical Happy place."

I'm so glad that I found dipndip. They have the best Belgian chocolate, and their staff is always friendly. Whenever I go to dipndip, I always find something new that I can't wait to try.
Tony Amer
I have never really been the kind of person who gets excited when the delivery driver rings the doorbell, but when I order a dip-n-share box from dipndip, it's a different story!
Sophie kay
We can't say enough good things about this place. We walk in and start to smile. It is so exciting because dipndip never fails to show me something new. The chocolate is the best I have ever had.
jonason Jay
My family loves dipndip! dipndip has become our new home away from home. I think my kids own shares in dipndip because every time we ask them where they want to go, they say dipndip!
lana lee

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